Igal Harmelin offers lectures, courses and workshops (including scholar-in-residence engagements) on a variety of topics related to religion and spirituality. Topics include:

  • Can Democracy Survive Godlessness? The need for revitalized religious teachings in today’s political discourse
  • God is Radically Near: Jewish and Muslim mystical teachings
  • Who Shall I Say is Calling? The relevance of ancient spiritual teachings to our day and age
  • Neo-Chassidic commentary on selected portions of the siddur
  • Neo-Chassidic commentary on the weekly Torah portion
  • Jewish Response to Turbulent Political Climate
  • Hassidic Big Bang: Ancient and modern teachings about the origins of the universe.
  • What is spiritual direction and how can I benefit from it?

Igal also teaches long-terms courses on Judaism and other religions.

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Recent lectures include:

  • Judaism: An Introduction (November 2017 to April 2018, 10-lesson introductory course, New York City)
  • God is Radically Near: Mystical Teachings in Judaism and Islam (November 10 2017, JCC Manhattan, New York City)
  • Jewish Teachings on Moral and Immoral Leaders – study salon, June 6 2017, New York City.
  • Jewish Spiritual Response to Challenging Times – Presentation at a retreat for Jewish meditation group leaders, on March 30, 2017, Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Spiritual Direction as an Enabler of Social Change – Workshop conducted on April 23, 2017, Toronto, Canada at the annual conference of Spiritual Directors International (SDi).
  • Paths to Liberation: Devotion, Surrender, and Social Responsibility – Webinar for the Jewish Meditation Network, April 6, 2017.