Meditation can be described as the practice of direct attunement to Spirit, Mystery, or one’s own true nature. The practice of meditation has been fundamental to spiritual aspirants for millennia.

Meditation nowadays is often taught in a secular context, with the declared goal of empowering the meditator and making him/her more efficient and successful in the world of action and doing. Many find it a useful tool to reduce anxiety and fear. Scientific research has validated many of these claims.

The practice of meditation, however, has its roots in spiritual and religious traditions. From a spiritual perspective, the main goal of meditation is cultivating the habit of directing the attention inwards, into the depth of one’s consciousness, where one can align most easily with the sacred dimension of life. Said differently, meditation is a way of realizing the immediacy of divine presence, a truth expressed by many religious traditions.

Whether inspired to meditate by religious motives or “worldly” ones, many find regular practice of meditation to be an invaluable tool.

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