Spiritual direction is the practice of meeting with a spiritual companion in a structured, safe space in order to explore your inner life; or, in religious language, explore with your companion your relationship with the Divine or with Mystery.

It is an opportunity for you to discern the presence of the Sacred through all aspects of your life—work, relationships, celebrations, struggles, and all types of activities.

Igal Harmelin’s training as a spiritual director was done in a Jewish context; however, the principles of direction are universally applicable to all seekers. His extensive study of the teachings of the world’s major religions makes him comfortable to sit in direction with followers of all faith traditions, as well as with those who profess to follow none.

Igal is part of a team that is offering spiritual direction to rabbinical and cantorial students of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Spiritual direction sessions typically take place once every few weeks. They can be done face-to-face or online, via Skype or Zoom. Sessions are typically take one hour and include a a meditation component.

Please contact Igal for more information.