Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Igal Harmelin is an excellent meditation instructor. A passionate educator, he draws from his broad knowledge of history, science, and world religions to highlight the meaning and value of meditation for our day and age. I highly recommend his workshops for beginners and those with years of experience who want to learn more about the practice of meditation and the evolutionary relevance of this ancient spiritual art in our time.

Teacher, Author, Proponent of Alternative Medicine

Rabbi Arthur Green

My student Igal Harmelin is a wise and thoughtful teacher of Jewish meditation and spirituality. Turning first to the East, he learned much about meditation and its value in cultivating the inner life. He returned to Judaism in a mature and thoughtful way, combining the wisdom and skills he had absorbed with a deep love of Jewish practice and teachings. He comes with an open heart and mind, bearing with them a great sense of moral responsibility to his students, to our society, to the Jewish people, and to our much-threatened planet. You will do well to learn with him.

Founder and Rector of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College, Boston

Sara Stock-Mayo

Igal and I have been sitting in spiritual direction for the past six months. He is a caring and compassionate listener, creating a safe and sacred space for the work to take place. He truly delights in the unfolding of my spiritual life, at times offering much appreciated reflections and words or prayer. His easy and comfortable presence creates an atmosphere of trust both in him and in the process. I feel seen, heard and supported in my spiritual journey.

Drama Therapist, Chaplain, Spiritual Director, Cantorial Soloist, Mom

Jinks Hoffmann

I attended Igal’s workshop Spiritual Direction as an Enabler of Social Change, at the Spiritual Director’s International annual conference in April 2017. I was very impressed with his ability to connect with the participants, with his knowledge, and with the depth of his thinking. Igal clearly has a large palette from which he paints his broad and creative views on responsible engagement with life. His knowledge of world religions, and his perspectives on meditation, social action, and psychological consciousness, were wise, inspiring and stimulating to the group. Igal is a compelling speaker and has a quiet, undramatic, yet strong presence.

Spiritual Director, Poetry Editor for Spiritual Directors International.

Wendie Bernstein Lash

I participated in a workshop offered by Igal on the timely topic of "Spiritual Direction as an Enabler of Social Change.” I enjoyed how Igal wove in the many sources of the body of his experience and knowledge - religious (both Jewish and Christian), spiritual, Jungian psychology, and world history. It was experientially engaging as well as spacious. Given the complex issues addressed, the workshop was a winner and had quite an impact on me and the other participants.

Co-Director, Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual Direction