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Slavery and Freedom

עַבְדֵי זְמָן עַבְדֵי עֲבָדִים הֵם – עֶבֶד אֲדֹנָי הוּא לְבַד חָפְשִׁי: Slaves of time are slaves of slaves; Only God’s slaves are free. Rabbi Yehudah Halevi

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Vayigash: Teaching of Non-Duality

This week’s Torah portion, vayigash (Genesis 44:18 – 47:27) is the third weekly Torah portion devoted to Joseph, Jacob’s favorite son. At this stage of the

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Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Teacher, Author, Proponent of Alternative Medicine
Igal Harmelin is an excellent meditation instructor. A passionate educator, he draws from his broad knowledge of history, science, and world religions to highlight the meaning and value of meditation for our day and age. I highly recommend his workshops Read More..

Rabbi Arthur Green

Founder and Rector of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College, Boston

My student Igal Harmelin is a wise and thoughtful teacher of Jewish meditation and spirituality. Turning first to the East, he learned much about meditation and its value in cultivating the inner life. He returned to Judaism in a mature and thoughtful way, Read More..