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Judaism’s Launching Pad

[The following post is based on a presentation that I made at a minyan, a prayer group, on Nov. 8 this year, the week of the

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God and the Big Bang–in Hebrew!

God and the Big Bang by Dr. Daniel Matt has just appeared in the bookstores in Israel, translated by yours truly. What a pleasure it was

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Wendie Bernstein Lash

Wendie Bernstein Lash

Co-Director, Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual Direction
I participated in a workshop offered by Igal on the timely topic of “Spiritual Direction as an Enabler of Social Change.” I enjoyed how Igal wove in the many sources of the body of his experience and knowledge – religious (both Jewish and Christian), spiritual, Jungian psychology, and world history. It was experientially engaging as well as spacious. Given the complex issues addressed, the workshop was a winner and had quite an impact on me and the other participants. Read More..

Rabbi Arthur Green

Founder and Rector of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College, Boston

My student Igal Harmelin is a wise and thoughtful teacher of Jewish meditation and spirituality. Turning first to the East, he learned much about meditation and its value in cultivating the inner life. He returned to Judaism in a mature and thoughtful way, Read More..